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The Field (Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel) & Ariana Qizmolli: Thé Complet (English)

This unconventional dance class aims to extend the ritual of having a meal. It focuses on the body as a holistic instrument of ingesting food. The two dancers share from doughy, voluminous, fluffy movement approaches to boiling, refreshing, flavour bombing and invigorating impulses that are accessible to all.

Our new format Lunch Time Class is an invitation to the city to take a break and get moving at noon. Every Monday to Friday during the festival, dance makers share simple practices with you.

Das neue ZÜRICH TANZT-Format Lunch Time Class ist eine Einladung an die Stadt, über Mittag kurz in Bewegung zu kommen. Jeden Montag bis Freitag während dem Festival teilen Tanzschaffende einfach zugängliche Praktiken mit euch.



The Field

Ariana Qizmolli

Ariana is a dancer, performer and dance facilitator from Zurich. Her own choreographic work «Maestro Maestro» (short piece) has been shown at various festivals. With Mirjam Jamuna, she recently conceived and performed the short piece «Ohne Schweiss kein Preis» in the frame of Tanzfestival Winterthur. Ariana participates in Battles (HipHop, House, AllStyles, Waacking etc), teaches Hip Hop and Creative Kids Dance. She completed her training at the Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz, Zurich Switzerland (HF ZUB) in 2019.


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